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Photo Printing service

Photographic printing is the process of generating a final image on paper for viewing, in the old way it uses chemically sensitized papers for this. Now everything is digitalized and much easier to conduct. Now there are digital printers to do this process. Alternatively, the negative or transparency may be placed atop the paper and directly exposed, creating a contact print. Digital photographs are commonly printed on plain paper, for example by a color printer.

Printing on colored paper
Color papers require specific chemical processing in proprietary chemicals. Nowadays these color print processes are called RA-4, which is used for printing color negatives, and Ilfochrome, for color transparencies.

Printing from color negatives - Color negatives are printed on RA-4 papers and give a type C print. These are actually equal to color negative films in that they have three emulsion layers. These layers are sensitive to red, green, and blue light. When processing the color couplers in it provide cyan, magenta, and yellow dyes which can be used to represent the true colors of the subject.

Printing from color transparencies
This method uses the dye destruction process to create prints from positive transparencies. The color dyes are joined together into the paper and lighten during this method. Ilfochrome, EP2, and type R print papers and chemicals are no longer in use in the production.