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Visiting Cards service

Visiting cards are also known as business cards. A good business card is not just a tool for providing your details out to prospects but a chance to connect with a new prospect on a personal level. For that reason, good business cards will never be replaced by any of the digital networking tools at our disposal, because digital tools lack the human factor of the equation.

A good visiting card is a way of showing your brand that conveys the information about who you are and the things you do in a memorable, powerful way.

If we take a look at what we should do, there are certain things we should add to our business card to make them much more attractive and elegant. Here are tips you can use to convert your business cards from a just piece of paper that people throw away as soon as they get home, to a powerful thing that draws prospects to you as needles come to a magnet.

Logo and Tagline - Anyone holding your card in their fingers should be able to recognize your brand and also recognize it wherever they may see it in the future, it can be your website, your portfolio, your newsletter, or your shop title.

Name and Functional Job Title – Name and your job title is also the most important thing that you have to include in your business cards. Your Formal name should be included to avoid re-introductions that can happen later. Job title describes your main function in the business, function means the work prospects may hire you to do.

Contact Information - Contact information is the main part of a business card. If you want people to contact you, you have to tell them how. You also need to be aware of what contact information I should add to my visiting card.

Your Website – If you have a website you can also add it to your business card. The purpose of this is for your clients to be able to learn more about you and your services through the website.

Social Media Profiles - Add your social media profiles info on your business card. But not all of them. Figure out what social media you need to include. Social media channels have become major parts of both traditional and virtual businesses.